NAMLAS UNILORIN Primes Creative Talents Through Freshers’ Quiz Contest


By Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

The Editor-in-Chief of the Nigeria Association of Muslim Law Students, University of Ilorin, Jamiu Toheeb Aremu, has reinstated the need for the development of creative talents and provide initiatives primed towards instilling academic excellence. He stated this after the organisation of the NAMLAS Freshers Quiz Contest, held at the Faculty of Law.

“I must say without mincing words that NAMLAS (UNILORIN) is a body of Muslim Law Students which caters for the welfare and academic excellence of the generality of her members. Thus, to instil and forestall the continuity of these laudable and commendable objectives, the NAMLAS Editorial Board decided to organize a programme for the 100 Level Muslim Law Students,” Jamiu told this reporter. 

He added, “The Editorial Board organized Quiz Competition for the 100 Level Muslim Law Students in order to familiarize them with different areas of Law they will be taught in class, which they might be taught and which they might not even be taught. The quiz was also aimed to generally equip them with necessary factual knowledge and lawledge expected of new Law students that are worth the name.”

When asked how the contest had achieved its objectives, he mentioned that it had driven inclusivity amongst law students on campus. “They have learnt so much. Some of them have felt so challenged by the Quiz Competition. Some have also realized that there are a lot of things for them to be learnt as they were not familiar with some of the questions asked during the course of the Quiz Competition partly because they have not had the opportunity to attend some classes. 

“In fact, the Quiz Competition was a platform for the Muslim students to learn more, relearn and unlearn. More interestingly, non-Muslim Law students actively got involved in the learning processes during the Quiz Competition. Some Muslim Law Students who were unable to participate due to one reason or the other rued when they realized that the Quiz was so impacting and impactful, and promised to always look out for NAMLAS programmes.”

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The Quiz Contest, which had over 22 students showing interest, had 11 students participants in the preliminaries whilst 5 of them qualified for the Final. The contest had Ashimi Saoban Adedayo clinch first place, with Olabisi Faheedat and Salaudeen Abdullah coming up in second and third place respectively. The statement from the organisation reads: “it must be stated that every participant exhibited unparalleled scholarship and incomparable lawledge and knowledge. NAMLAS is confident that you will all do well in your different academic endeavours.”

One of the judges and Senior Advocate of the Union, Kolawole Islamiyat Oyindamola, noted that the Quiz Contest would go a long way in reforming the image of the NAMLAS organisation from being a religious-centric body to an inclusive organisation.

 “When NAMLAS pops up in people's minds, the first thing most people think about is Arabic recitation, Quran Competition and everything strictly religious. The competition struck a fine balance between knowledge of law and knowledge of the religion and personally, I think this is a step in the right direction.By expanding the scope of its primary focus to other things like oratory contests, Inter-university moot Competitions, all-inclusive mock trial competitions etc.”

Commenting on his win, Ashimi Saoban Adedayo noted that the Contest has exposed him to courses he ought to pay attention to in his academics. “All adoration and encomium to Allah SWT. He has given me the opportunity to be a member of NAMLAS, with which I could be a part of this Quiz Contest. The Quiz has opened myself and my co-competitors to several aspects of courses that must be shown full and utmost concern.”

“I co-anchored the preliminary round for the competition and while asking the questions, I was able to see clearly the level of enthusiasm and passion displayed by the participants.  I sincerely hope NAMLAS can continue to be the breeding ground for such display of legal knowledge,” Kolawole stated.

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