By Jejeniwa Olamilekan

In a typical African perspective, what name shall we give to a 59 years old marriage but without a child? Barrenness and Impotence is too simple a term to call those involved in such an age-long companionship yet, without the fruit of the womb. I can only empathise with couples who find themselves in these circumstance and of course, hope for a kismet to change their ill-fate. It is sad and quite objectionable but the melancholic feeling of the otiose marriage is similar to that of a 59 years old Nigeria who after liberation from her erstwhile imperialists is lost into an abyss of her own creation. Nothing seems to be working right and serviceable efforts are being led to waste in almost every spectrum of the modern day Nigeria. With a ladder, the error spreads down from the apex of her leadership line. It's even more unfortunate that Nigerians instead of gathering puissance to fight back have garnered strength to survive in this misfortune.

I consider it an act of ostentatious exaggeration to assume the Buhari led administration can magically turn things around. If at all he could, Nigeria's voodooism strength should have achieved that a long time. It is of note that the city of Rome wasn't built in a day. I never believed in his quick miracle, I don't and I never will. The problem of Nigeria didn't evolve in-between the last ten years so definitely cannot be solved in less than five years, especially when considering her over one hundred and fifty million population and her 923,763 km² land mass. By the day, the problem expands in all spectrum. The spate of security shortfall in the nation have since topped the table. Daily reports of killings no longer come as a surprise in all corners of the country. The Nigeria armed forces have over the years been fighting an internally created and sustained security threat which have left tens of thousand dead in less than 8 years, a war they don't seem to be winning despite the yearly billions of dollar security budget. Likewise, the ineffectiveness and alleged corruption prevalent in the Nigeria Police Force is quite appalling and a strong fetcher of national disgrace. Suffice it to say the Nigeria Defence Ministry is a doppelganger of what its Act of creation reads.

The gallant soldiers of the Nigeria Military i.e Army, Air Force and Navy respectively, are giving to their nation more than they are being offered. Many death of fallen heroes in action are not only because of enemies' superiority but many times, the protectors of our nation's sovereignty and unity lacks pragmatic strategies to win battles. Another reason range from the usage of obsolete cum inferior ammunitions, politicisation of the military, to the prevailing corruption which have allegedly become prevalent even in the military. Many of which have caused unequivocal loss of lives and properties and caused a stain on the strength of the Nigeria Military altogether. The Nigeria Military, with these flaws are failing the war to hold Nigeria together by the day.

Time has proven the almighty security promises of the Buhari led administration for Nigerians, prior to its 2015 election to be lies. In fact, there's been an increase in recorded deaths as a result of national security incompetencies which have sustained communal clashes, farmers-herders' clashes, unabated killings by extremists and so on. Recent statistics from Amnesty International on some of Nigeria's recent attacks states 21 villagers killed in an attack by suspected herdsmen in three communities in the Atakad district of Kaura, Kaduna State last year February. In June of the same year, a communal clash in the Mambilla Plateau of Taraba State left scores of people dead, mostly herdsmen and their families. In September, at least 20 people were killed when suspected herdsmen invaded Ancha village in the Miango district of Jos, Plateau state. In October, 27 people were killed by suspected herdsmen in a classroom where they were sheltering after three days of attacks in the Nkyie-Doghwro community of Bassa, Plateau State. In December, herdsmen attacked at least five villages in Demsa LGA in Adamawa State to avenge the massacre of up to 57 people, mostly children, in November in nearby Kikan community. Residents described being attacked by a fighter jet and a military helicopter as they attempted to flee. At least 86 people were killed by the herdsmen and air force bombings amongst others that can't be mentioned here.

Despite poor funding of the Nigeria Police Force as complained by the Inspector General of Police recently, the force have recorded some unprecedented achievements which would be unfair if not acknowledged. The Nigeria Police in some of its recent actions have stringently punished erring officers, particularly those who misused the constitutional power conferred on them. We have recent cases where some officers were expelled from the Force and some charged to court and eventually sent to prison for different offences. Efficient policing characterised some and many officers have gladly given up their lives to the policing assignment. These amongst others is highly commendable and thus, I won't join multitudes to expect an overnight overhaul of the Nigeria Police Force but still, I won't give up on my expectation of a resounding improvement in the Force and general policing activities. We have records of state governments, companies, organizations, NGOs, religious and educational institutions amongst others who have partnered with the Force by providing needed equipments to further boost the effectiveness of the Force. I think much has been given to expect as much. Yet, the Police Force is not always sensitive to things that matters most to us. Enough is enough!

It could be recalled, the Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government early this year increased the monthly remuneration of personnel of the Nigeria Police Force for social reasons amongst which includes to boost the morale of personnel, increase professionalism, steadfastness, commitment and of course to potently address the issue of series of alleged corruption scandals which have overtime characterised the operation of the force. It is however disappointing to note that series of reports that followed this giant stride of the Federal Government as with the conducts of officials of the Nigeria Police Force have not really complimented the efforts of the Buhari led administration and her commitment to cleansing the Nigeria Police Force. We have reports of officers still taking bribes, unlawful usage of firearms which have led to the death of many innocent people, officers eschewing duties particularly during the heat of the just concluded general Elections and many others. It is no gainsaying to state that sometimes I think we have armed men of the Nigeria Police Force to become the very thieves and robbers they are meant to protect us from. Nonetheless, it is worthy of note that not all of our Police men and women are corrupt, however, many of those who are stationed on checkpoints and neighborhood patrols which are considered closest to the low ranking members of contemporary Nigeria societies have perpetually sustained the bad notion of the Nigeria Police Force with their unprofessional transactions.

The latest which have been generating a lot of heated critic in the media today is the viral video of a checkpoint stationed Police officer who was secretly recorded while engaging in one of the common Police illegal transactions. According to the video, the officer was pleading for a four thousand naira bribe from a suspected Yahoo boy who was being admonished to provide the officers with four thousand naira so the four officers on duty could take an equal share of a thousand each. As if that was not bad enough, he hailed his victim of extortion just like a thug and despite the victim's statement that he have been paying in all checkpoints before that particular one, they still wouldn't let him go. The Police Officer in his words which I believe is meant to gain the favour of the driver, seemed quite supportive of car hijacking and robbery, one of the statutory assignments they're meant to protect the society from. A police man who would say and do anything to obtain money from road users is not fit to continue in the Force. People like him are the reason why the Nigeria Police Force still battles negative impression.

Recently, President Muhammadu Buhari following his arrival from a 10-day private visit to the United Kingdom when asked about security challenges across Nigeria and if there would be a different approach in tackling the issues, was quoted to have said the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammad Abubakar Adamu had lost weight because of the security challenges in the country and thus he thinks the Inspector General is working hard. I am not surprised these statement is attracting a lot of negative reactions from Nigerians. Unarguably, the Nigeria Police is giving it's best to tackling the increasing security menace across the country but how does such a comical statement of Mr President justify the Nigeria Police's engagements. Anybody can lose weight and gymnastics can help burn some calories. So once you are losing weight now (even if it’s in a gym), does it mean you are working very hard on national security matters, amidst persisting insecurity challenges? I must categorically berate the President on this, he is wrong. More is expected from the President and likewise the Inspector General of Police so much that no one cares whether either of them is sweating profusely nor losing weight while insecurity challenges persist.

Alas! Who will help me convey my thoughts to Mr President? Isn't it high time he took a cue from Sri Lanka's government and most especially the way the country collectively tackled the insecurity challenge it recently faced with the Islamic State (IS) claimed coordinated bombings around the country on Easter Monday Mass church service leading to the death of over 360 and injuring over 500 people. Immediately, President Maithripala Sirisena not minding the pressure already on the offices of the Defense Secretary and Police Chief were facing after the successful attacks on their soil, asked them to quit office with immediate effect. This decision we believe is to make them take responsibility for their unadulterated incompetencies. It takes an high level of responsibility to be responsible to a Nation. So as not to have repetition of failures, President Muhammadu Buhari have to hold those in charge of Nigeria's security highly accountable for either their success or downside failures, without thinking twice. Many of the service chiefs needs to be replaced to instill accountability and responsibility into their duties. The success and failure of these positions is tantamount to that of the current government so, Buhari should not continue to allow the incompetent officials severe his supposed vision-filled government.

Conclusively, when considering Nigeria's continuous security shortfall; to who do we allot the blame even now? Is Mr President even giving the best his strength can provide him? Is the Nigeria Military even ready to combat security challenges and Nigeria Police Force ready to help maintain law and order throughout the country without compromise. Are the service chiefs living up to expectations? Nigerians cope with all that ravage the country on daily basis. More killings - we cope, more kidnapping - we cope, more banditry - we cope, more corruption - we cope, more ethnic clash - we cope, more rigging of elections - we cope, government's continuous blame game - we cope, economy hardship - we cope, increasing unemployment rate - we cope, decadence in our health facilities - we cope, more robberies - we cope... When will Borno reclaim her title as the home of peace, Yobe - Pride of the Sahel? When will Plateau reclaim her title as Peace and Tourism.  Killer herdsmen, cattle rustlers and ‘mystery gunmen’ have changed the nickname of Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Kaduna and Zamfara to Nigeria’s zones of death. To who do we run when the next car bomb explode? To who do we run the next explosive vest is detonated in a crowded place? To who do I run when I'm hit by a stray bullet during a four hours long of daylight bank robbery? To who do I run to when my a member of my family is kidnapped? Who will pay my ransom if eventually I get kidnapped. When will I get to sleep with my two eyes closed? When will I start to have faith in the Nigeria security system again? When? Just when?

©Jejeniwa Olamilekan Samson
♧Mass Communication Graduate, Federal Polytechnic Offa.


  1. Wow...I consider this a modern recipe for ideological liberation. Kudos to PenReports for promoting this writeup.

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