By Ajibade Abdullah Adewale

One could tell from his political chronicle that building a muscular intestinal fortitude is his dexterity. The unequivocal effrontery of Comrade Oyetunde Ayodeji Tomilola Moses, popularly known as ATM has aided him to glamorously magnetising the attention of people especially  2017/18 admitted students of Linguistics and African Languages Department of Obafemi Awolowo University. 

His political sojourn was characterized by storms and somewhat obstacles which came from several quarters. It is worthy of note that he was quite a political neophyte in his early days of studentship in this citadel and had no political inclination whatsoever. His persistence and perseverance sustained him as he learnt the art of politics and Students Union leadership. ATM played along and he learned all that is required of him through thick and thin.

Unarguably, the intent to nurse a stalwart political career is not an easy task and of course, engulfs a lot of time and everyday good deeds. Suffice it to say, a politically motivated individual will have to start from scratch to build his name from the lowest office with unquestionable sacrifices. This is the case of Comrade Oyetunde Ayodeji Tomilola Moses (ATM). His political expedition began when he was a Part One student. ATM contested for the office of Assistant General Secretary of Linguistics and African Languages Association as a Part One student but lost.

The reason for his erstwhile defeat was not far-fetched. Being a neophyte and a new student who lacked the needed political inclinations to thrive when jostling for such office in the Association, an unprecedented record of victory was far from him. It was also said that his non-involvement with the students' already established political culture and affiliations is another reason for his regrettable defeat. However, ATM didn't make a barrier of these things and rather choose to be encouraged by them. On the contrary, he attributed the reasons for his defeat to the betrayal of his dear friends who could not hide their exhilaration at his loss, even to his face.

Who would think he could surmount such a disappointment? His adroitness and steadfastness wouldn't allow him to give up on his passion to be involved in student leadership. In a subsequent election, he contested for the post of General Secretary and won unchallenged as a Part Two student.

Hitherto, ATM's tenure as the General Secretary was of course not a gingerbread and thus not quite rosy. There was constructive criticism from multifarious sources and his political uniqueness was put to the test. Pressure, compulsion, and interference from political godfathers made students celebrate his imperfections over his achievements. Although later reinstated, he got suspended for negligence of duty by the Departmental Class Representative Council and a barrage of criticism was not left out of his aftermath rewards.

Not quite long after his suspension, coincidentally, the vessels of the leadership of the Association needed fresh blood, following a democratic procedure. As stipulated in Section 40 (3) of the Association's (LALSA) constitution, any officer suspended or removed from office per provision of the constitution shall not be eligible to hold any offices of the association there hence. With this statement, ATM was not constitutionally qualified to contest.

In his words, "I was aware of the constitutional provision against my candidacy but just neglected that because I don't believe in limitations and hindrance once you pray". In a nutshell, this further proved his gut and that made him more admirable.

The Departmental election came, went and he won. Just when he should be celebrating his victory, a petition was filed against him by his runner-up, his opponent who is now the speaker of the department. The basis of the petition was that ATM was never qualified to contest for the post of President while giving credence to section 40 (3) of the association's Constitution.
Ayodeji Tomillola Moses (ATM)

Sequel to this petition and of course the uncertainty which characterized the situation, the political atmosphere got tensed and his supporters flared up. However, with the help of a renowned erudite who would rather allow the will of students as shown by their votes, to prevail, the petition was withdrawn and ATM was confirmed as the President-elect of the Association. "No guts No glory", His guts kept him moving despite the odds and the rough path which would have stopped many from trying again.

Conclusively, anytime his political voyage strikes my mind, what pops up has always been how impactful his guts would be of help to him in smoothly running the affairs of the Association (LALSA). How he would surmount the power of political godfathers as he claimed and how effectively he would play the role of a leader effectively.

 Indeed, guts is never a measure to determining people's worth but only time can tell.

Has his gut helped him run a successful administration? Only Lalsites can tell.

Oyetunde Ayodeji Tomilola Moses (ATM) is currently the President of Linguistics and African Languages, Obafemi Awolowo University.


  1. wow..... what a nice write up.

    but has his gut really helped him to run a successful administration?

    lalsites, hmmmmmm.

  2. "No guts no glory"......interesting
    Ur guts really brought d best out of u....

  3. "No guts no glory"......interesting
    Ur guts really brought d best out of u....

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