ASUU: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


By Yusuf Ismail Abayomi

It was February when everything started, we all thought, like usual, we would resume the day after perhaps a week. However, what was unknown to us was that the unknown journey that will last 8 months and some days had just begun. 

While it can be argued that this break has been an eye-opener for some students and a point of justification for the famous quote “ school nha scam” it must also be emphasized that this same break has done more harm than good in a real sense. 

At some point, everyone claimed to have moved on, but what purpose is to move on when you know an important part of your life is on hold, static and unmoved, then, to move on remains only a word of the mouth, a toothless dog and “Esin inu Iwe” as Yoruba proverb says. 

The good... 

During the strike, a lot of students got themselves engaged in productive exercise, while some learnt a craft, others develop a creative mindset, these set of students can be the real "move on experts". These set of students make the best use of the break, and passed a certain message to others, in a situation where a complaint can not be a solution, we must learn to make use of what we have and add value to ourselves. 

The bad... 

YES!!! we have resumed, but nearly all students thrive to get back on their toes. Everyone struggle to get back to their old form; 8 months of not reading books, 8 months of not being in the classroom, and 8 months of non-academic activity and mindset. This has only left me with one question, “ who among the students can still claim to be a real student now?”  

Unfortunately at this point, many students only go to class to fulfil the literal necessity of satisfying their sponsors or society - which means that they do not have to understand what the lecturers are saying in the class. “ Score me 40 and let me have my way”  

The ugly... 

Both lecturers and students are at the receiving end of the detrimental effects of the strike. Who teaches on an empty stomach when half salary is being paid? No enthusiasm, just the lecturer coming to class and students performing the role of an audience. Also, the school calendar is not helping, when a semester is being folded under 8 weeks, who among the students can boast of assimilation when cogent points are being omitted? Material "lotun losi", students have used up allowance in purchasing materials.  


Every student's thoughts were to resume a normal and sane learning environment after the strike, but otherwise is what we met. Who are we to blame? 

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