President Reform, Your Administration Has A Debt To Pay

By Ajibade Abdullah Adewale


When Aluta is no longer Continua, Victory is Uncertain.

Silence is golden, no doubt. But in this circumstance, silence is merely tenable or unjustifiable since those involved occupy the highest leadership position as far as the student community is concerned.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on how the Great Ife Students’ Union is a reflection of the typical Nigerian State. Many students accepted it while some disagreed. Yes, it’s normal to have a dissenting view, but when emotion and political affiliation take control, then there is trouble.

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Sadly, the concerns of the article have only been further proven and are even being represented beyond imagination. When the power tussle between the Central Executive Council and the Students' Representative council was still boiling water, the Great Ife Students' Union would dish out press releases as if the world was moving towards an end and information to avert it needed to be passed. Of course, they have to keep the student informed, but it’s only commonsensical when it’s not done selectively. 

The equivalent is not the case this time. Great Ife Students have witnessed an unprecedented “dose of slap per day” from the “holistic zaddy” and the union remained tight-lipped as if nothing had happened. This doesn’t portray that they truly represent the generality of Great Ife Students. Student representation goes beyond “program” organization. 

Naturally, there is nothing wrong with informing the students about your position as regards a matter that concerns them, but you choose to overlook it since it is your inner house - that is not a trait of effective leadership. 

Many times, after that sad and unacceptable “holistic approach” to treating a fellow student, I imagined if the culprit were a normal student, we all know the method that would have been used to absorb that situation which will not favour such a student. Again, this doesn’t speak well of your administration. 

As per the rumour, the student that was slapped was said not to be interested in furthering the case or demanding justice. Whatever the situation, you still owe the students information about what transpired. We need to distinguish facts from rumours. 

Now, another issue has sprouted. The Director of Socials, according to the management, has been handed over to the State Security Agents along with some other students for being part of “ illegal Associations capable of undermining the peace and tranquillity on campus “. It has been over a week since the incident, but the union has decided not to address the student populace. What is happening? 

One may say that this is even worse than what we have witnessed in the Nigerian State. At least, the media aide or the one in charge of information will come up with an excuse - genuine or otherwise.  

Your silence could be likened to neutrality in the face of oppression. We may have to say that there is no iota of difference. This dangerous development requires that the students know the direction to paddle their canoe, but what they have got is a loud silence. The student needs constant reassurance from the persons they elect to spearhead their union. 

President reform, what have you reformed? Your administration has a debt of accountability to pay, and I am sure that the students are demanding responses to all these unhealthy developments.

Great Ife: What of The Students Representative Council? 

It is another sad situation when one considers the decorum of the representative council when their voices are needed most. One viewpoint I will never agree with is that the clash between the leadership of the house and the Central Executive Council has affected the exercise of their duties. This is not about politics, it is a situation that concerns what they represent and they need to lead by example. 

It’s high time the house performed its responsibility. 

Great Ife means standing tall amidst all odds. Intentional silence is a total deviation from the existing ideology. 

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