Why You Should Read ‘Africa Must Think’ by Damilola Adekeye

 By Ajibade Abdullah Adewale

Africa Must Think by Damilola Adekeye is a total deviation from the usual "Perspire to Maguire" books often written by authors who just want to sell and sell - thus marrying lies into chapters of words to entice interests. 

Africa Must Think - Observersmag

From the title to the preface, page after page - readers will be attached until the last word and will be eager for more. For occasional readers or even non-readers who attempt to open a page of this book,  it only means that you won't have a choice but to read till the end. Frankly, the book has no end as it only sprouts further questions which might make a non-writer reader become a writer.

With comprehensible diction and the use of relatable stories and instances, Africa Must Think discusses - in the opening chapter - what happiness is and what it's not. It establishes the thin line between pleasure and happiness and as a matter of fact, makes the reader understand that in almost every situation, the meaning of happiness is determined based on context. 

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The other nine chapters span topics like “Advice and Opinions”, “Freedom and Responsibility”, “African Countries and Integrity”, “Student and Follower”, “Process and Results”, “Charity and Selfishness”, “Religion and Science”, “Crisis and Character” and lastly, “Love and Fear”.

Do you know that results can sometimes be misleading? Yes, this book provides an answer to it.  It also provides an elaborate explanation of why due process doesn't guarantee desired results. Well, this is just a tip of the many answers you will get and the many questions you will ask. 

According to the author, “ The book is meant for the African youth. For those who are dedicated to making the change they so desire come true. For those who believe that for African countries to become better, we can't delegate our responsibility to the government, we have a part to play. It's for those who could be at the centre of the upcoming transformation in Africa.”

Also for him, writing the book is “ a hell of a ride” as it contains ideas that spotlight the earlier parts of his childhood. 

Damilola has done Africa a favour by writing Africa Must Think. It's now left for Africa to think. 

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