OAU Linguistics Department Induction Ceremony: A Fusion of Tradition ,Talent and Academic Spirit

By Akinreti Taiwo Comfort

In the early hours of Thursday, December 14, 2023, the dust of Obafemi Awolowo University's Pit Theatre swirled in harmony with the rhythmic steps and resonated with the melodious voices of the Linguistics and African Languages department freshmen as they celebrated their induction.

The ceremony featured cultural displays, as participants were grouped to represent popular Yoruba gods like Osun, Sango, Oya, Obatala, Orunmila, and Ogun.

True to tradition, the freshmen adorned themselves in vibrant colors and various styles. Adding a dynamic flair to the ceremony with their song, dance, and drama performances themed "ÒRÌSÀ. Each group skillfully played the attributes of the gods, bringing folktales to life.

However, beyond the showcase, the ceremony serves as a platform for freshmen to connect with their lecturers, fostering mutual familiarity. It also doubled as a symposium and orientation, with lecturers delivering speeches and imparting crucial academic guidelines.

Notable guests, including Nigerian Yoruba Nollywood actors Peter Fatomilola and Yinka Salau, graced the occasion alongside Dr. Adeniyi Kolawole, the H.O.D., other lecturers of the department, and spectators.

The H.O.D., in his speech, welcomed the inductees to the department with words of blessing and also commended their impressive presentations. He admonished them to embrace diligence in their academic journey.

The guests, Yinka Salau and Peter Fatomilola, also bestowed words of prayer upon the inductees.

Peter Fatomilola announced the top-performing groups, with Esu , Sango, and Egungun securing the first and third groups, respectively.

In an interview with a Kowee News correspondent, Ayoade Mayowa, one of the inductees, shared his excitement, stating, "It's surely an unforgettable moment for me; it will always remain evergreen, just as I had been told. "

The curtain of the induction ceremony was drawn with a vote of thanks by the department director of culture, Ogundiran Abdulmalik.

While reflecting on the challenging yet refreshing experience of rehearsing with the inductees and putting the show together in an interview with a Kowee reporter, he described the process as an uneasy one but at the same time expressed his gratitude to "Olodumare" for the success of the event

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