The Journey Of Responsibility

By Enoch Joseph (prestigious writing)

The journey of responsibility is never-ending,
But it's a journey worth taking, worth attending.
With each step you take, you'll grow and learn,
And become a better person, without concern.
You'll gain wisdom, and knowledge, too,
For the more you know, the more you'll do.
It's a virtuous cycle, don't you see,
The more you take responsibility, the more you'll be.
As you travel down the path of responsibility,
You'll find the strength you never knew you had, believe me.
It takes courage to stand up and do what's right,
But you'll be glad you did, in the morning light.
There will be times when it's hard to do,
But the rewards are great, this is true.
You'll gain respect, you'll gain self-esteem,
When you take responsibility, it's a beautiful dream.
The path of responsibility is not always easy,
But it's worth it, don't be so queasy.
There will be challenges along the way,
But take them in stride, and have a good day.
Life is full of choices, big and small,
But each one matters, don't let them fall.
Your actions have an impact, make them count,
And you'll find your life is filled with joy, no doubt.


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