Things Fall Apart: The Tale of Over 200 Millions of Nigerians

By Ismaila Biliaminu Manne 

Aren't we living in a country where survival of the fittest on any blessed day is our priority? A giant thanks to the massive Nigerians, who led this happened. At the end of 2022, we, Nigerians enjoyed and celebrated the plights of cashless policy, while many blamed the Nigerian government for the implementation of the policy, especially_ ruled by the northerners.


It was marvelous to see Nigeria being decorated like an anteroom of heaven, with posters of political elites across the streets. When the presidency was located in the Southern part of the country, the slogan “emi l'okan” became the anthem of the youths, while the mantra “bala bulu” proliferated across the street, featured in many songs_ shouts and hitting hard like an infuriated gorilla beating its chest for the joy of been favored.


With full zeal and utmost sense of humility, Nigerians enjoyed the cashless policy and decided to situate the leadership of the Nigerian government, to a wunderkind man who ruled the largest city in the country, Lagos, as a governor, and immensely transformed the city. But if that's true, I can say things are falling apart, currently, when he becomes the president of the country.


Alas! We didn't see this coming, as we joyously with dazzling teeth_ voted our trustworthy presidential candidate in February 2023, and guess what? We won.


Bitter Innovations In The Country


With our ideal candidate, we are suffering, or aren't we? The Nigeria I know is the giant of Africa, blessed with enormous resources both human and material. But, it's gladdening to tell you that these resources are allocated to all citizens across the country, as the subsidy of fuel is being paid by all citizens by themselves.


How do historians keep the records of our country? I wonder what the chronicle books of Nigeria look like, would it be glamorous with the record of May 29th, when the executive president of Nigeria announced the removal of fuel subsidy? Verily, it must be.


We keenly craved the change of the Buhari-led administration, and we are now enjoying the new administration with massive joy, and griefing beyond belief.


Well, we have a better policy for our economy, with the dollar soaring high to the tip of the rooftop and the needs of the average Nigerian to survive a day is very cheap. One can afford his basic needs with a low price at hand like the price of shoes.


We Are Enjoying The Fruits of Our Labour 


With our fundamental human rights and well-documented constitution, we are ripping the seeds we sowed during the rainy season.


It is no News that the cost of living in Nigeria, has a massive impact on society, we spend little to satisfy our cravings. But we deserved not to be disappointed, if not abandoned. Who is to be blamed?


Chinua Achebe rightly said, “There is nothing wrong with the Nigerian land or climate or water or air or anything else.” Yes, the problem is we the citizens. Recall the scenarios of the 2023 general election, where vote-buying became the trade of the country. We intentionally sold our future for some grains to feel our bellies, I guess we are enjoying the goodies of our labour. 


He also said what General Olusegun Obasanjo said of Nigeria during his "Thank You Tour" of Ogun State in 1979, that: “Nigeria will become one of the ten leading nations in the world by the end of the century, trust me we are. Because we are among the top ten most populous nations, yet developing. I can tell you that Nigeria has been hammered to peril, over some decades ago.



About the Author: Ismaila Biliaminu Manne is a graduate of Public Administration and a Freelance Journalist. He is the Head of Education and Literature at ObserversMag, an alumni of Journalism for Liberty Fellowship and John Galt School, Nigeria. 

He can be reached via X:, or Gmail:

Adekunle Famuyiwa

An avid writer, campus Journalist, researcher and budding Lawyer. Currently a 500-level student of Law at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state, and the Editor-In-Chief of Observers Mag

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