Great Ife Electoral Chaos: Attacks on ACJOAU Reporters Raise Transparency Concerns


In an unfortunate turn of events, some candidates vying for positions in the ongoing Students' Union elections have reportedly attacked ACJOAU reporters who were simply going about their duties. This raises serious concerns about the conduct of certain candidates and the overall integrity of the electoral process.

Attacks on Reporters

According to our reporters stationed at the Faculties of Law and Agriculture, candidates YUSUF TOHEEB OLAYIWOLA (YUSOLAT), contestant for the position of President and BUSARI TIMILEYIN (S & T), contestant for the position of Welfare Director were observed visiting the polling booths. In an effort to capture the moment and keep the student community informed, ACJOAU reporters took photographs of these candidates. However, upon realizing they were being filmed, Yusolat and S & T attacked the reporters. 

The actions of these candidates prompt critical questions about their intentions and behaviour. Ideally, candidates should be pleased to be in the news for positive reasons. Their aggressive response to being photographed suggests possible ulterior motives, raising concerns about transparency and accountability.

Misconduct at Polling Booths

In addition to the attacks on reporters, several prominent figures within the university community have been causing disturbances at various polling booths:

Sumbade Saudiq, the outgoing Sports Director of the Union, was captured in a video being forcibly removed from the polling unit at the Faculty of Education for interfering in the electoral process.

OAU Parrot, a former candidate for the position of Director of Socials during last year's election was seen in another video being chased away by students and security personnel at the Faculty of Administration for causing a disruption.

Yusuf Ganiu, alias KOB, the outgoing Speaker of the SRC, was recorded standing beside an electorate in an attempt to sway them. He was seen directing them on who to vote for. This blatant act of voter influence undermines the closed ballot system that is supposed to ensure fair and confidential voting.

Suspicious Activities

Further compounding the irregularities, an individual was observed dropping Naira notes from the topmost floor at the Faculty of Administration. This suspicious activity hints at potential vote-buying and further erodes confidence in the electoral process.

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Violence escalated at the Faculty of Social Sciences as the ballot box was allegedly grabbed. The situation became increasingly dangerous, forcing journalists to flee the scene as the threat of violence grew. According to our reporters, an unidentified individual stormed the election room at the Faculty of Social Sciences, threatening to stab anyone in his path. The chaos was uncontrollable, adding to the turmoil of the election. 

Faculty of Law

Earlier, the election at the Faculty of Law was declared null and void. This decision was made by the Electoral Commissioner as well as the observer from the Division of Students' Affairs following the grabbing of the ballot box and the scattering of used ballot papers on the ground. 

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

At the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, voting has come to an end, and the counting of ballot papers is about to commence.

Faculty of Education

Some agents at the Faculty of Education demanded that the voting process be extended to 6:30 PM, citing the late arrival of electoral commissioners and the initially slow voting process. However, security officers and electoral commissioners maintained that voting would end at 6 PM.

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These incidents not only mar the integrity of the elections but also highlight the need for a reorientation of candidates regarding the role of the media and proper electoral conduct. The attacks on ACJOAU reporters reveal a worrying lack of understanding and respect for journalistic duties. Seeing reporters should be a point of pride for candidates, signaling their visibility and relevance in the electoral process.

The ongoing CEC elections at Obafemi Awolowo University have been overshadowed by violence, misconduct, and questionable activities. The actions of candidates Yusolat and S & T, along with the disruptive behaviour of several prominent individuals, call into question the fairness and transparency of the electoral process. As these issues unfold, ACJOAU remains committed to providing accurate and timely updates, ensuring that the truth is reported and justice is upheld.

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