LALSA Electoral Committee Goes Tough, Announces Screening Requirement.

By Ajibade Abdullah Pentalk

As Linguistics and African Languages Students' Association elections draw near, the newly constituted electoral committee has announced the commencement of sale of forms and the screening requirement for aspirants. This is relayed in a release made available by the General Secretary, Ojetola Ridwan on Friday.

The release spelt out; “Aspirants for the Office of President, Vice president, General Secretary and Public Relations Officer must have a CGPA of 3 point above, other aspirants for the remaining offices must have a minimum of CGPA of 2.5 and above, Each aspirant must have a lecturer and a responsible student as referees, Aspirants must relieve themselves from any post in which they are currently serving at departmental level before they can be eligible to obtain form. Aspirants must sign an undertaking of being satisfied with the requirements of the electoral act”.

The committee released that eight copies of citation, Departmental due receipts, eight copies of manifestos, two copies of soft and hard copy passport, National ID card or voter’s card for the aspirants for the posts of President, Vice President, Treasurer, General Secretary and Financial secretary are the screening requirements.

As the sale of interest forms commences, the price for the post of the president is #3000, Vice president, General Secretary and Public Relation officer  forms are for #2700 each, while those for the office of the Financial Secretary, Treasurer are sold at #2400 each. Candidates inrerested in the posts of the Director of Culture and Director of Social can obtain their forms at #2500 each. For the office of the Librarian: the form comes at N1800. Aspirants for the posts of the  Assistant General secretary and Assistant Director of Social form are to pay the sum of #1500 each.

In the same vein, screenings will hold on 17th Nov. 2019 by 3pm at AFST 213. Electoral Debate holds on18th Nov. 2019 by 4pm at ICAN LT.  Manifesto presentation is to hold on 19th, Nov. 2019 by 4pm at ICAN L., Elections will hold on 20th Nov. 2019 starting from 10am at Open AMPHI AFS. Swearing in of winners will take place on 25th Nov.2019 by 10am at AFST213.

In the release signed by the Chairman, Okesiji Samson O., aspirants are enjoined to contact  09015627689, 08079867376, 08069266167.


  1. More power to ur elbow my amiable boss.

  2. Please our screening is 15th November not 17th November please

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