Jubilations as Alhaji Ayiki Dendebula Completes Construction of Sheriff Mosque, Saki


In a heartwarming display of spiritual upliftment and an effort to show gratitude to Almighty Allah for his favour and munificence, Alhaji Ayiki Dendebula has once again selflessly contributed to the completion of the construction of Sheriff mosque, Oke-Dio, Saki.

The mosque is aimed at providing an avenue for advancing the propagation of Islam and the unity of the Muslim community. It is expected to host the weekly Jumaa't prayer and the five daily prayers among other Islamic activities.

The benevolent act is not his first experience in philanthropy. Over the years, he has consistently exhibited generosity foreseeing the varied needs of different communities. He has constructed two mosques and contributed to the completion of some others which are -

• UltraMordern Mosque Project for Taafiz Students, ADS High School, Saki

• Isale Alfa Central Mosque, Elewure Street, Saki

• Alh. Ismail Ayiki Dedenbula Mosque, Gedu Estate.

• Abojupon Mosque Ijale Oda

• Sherif Central Mosque 

In his sermon, the Imam of the mosque, Sheikh Ahmad implored users of the mosque to sustain its purpose, which is to worship. He further stated "The mosque is the house of Allah and should be accorded due reverence. It is not meant only for solat, it is an educational centre, a place of serenity." The imam expressed his heartfelt joy for having a befitting edifice as the house of worship and equally thanked and prayed fervently for Alhaji Ayiki Dendebula for his constant financial support. He praised him for his selflessness.

Speaking about his contributions, Alhaji Ayiki humbly shared, "I am delighted to contribute to the successful completion of Sheriff mosque. I used to come here to drink water during my days in secondary school. I have always wanted to contribute my quota to the development of this mosque. I hope that this mosque will serve as a sanctuary for countless individuals and bring the community closer together."

With his unwavering commitment to the development of the Muslim community and incredible philanthropic endeavours, Alhaji Ayiki's legacy continues to grow and serves as an inspiration to all and sundry.

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