JAMBITOS: A Tour With UDUS Fresh Public Administrators


By: Ismaila Biliaminu Manne

JAMBITOS, welcome to the most peaceful university in Nigeria. This is UDUS, where prayers work more than reading. Where praying, reading, research, determination, and devotion are the sure way to graduate peacefully and successfully.

UDUS is one of the second-generation universities founded in 1975 by the then-military government. The institution has been doing great since its establishment and it has produced countless scholars in different fields.

To you fresh public administrator - JAMBITOs, I welcome you to the seat of the caliphate, Danfodiyo varsity, the prestigious faculty of management science, and the Department of public administration. Let me quickly take you on a tour of the department.

Danfodiyo Varsity commenced the BSc degree programme in public administration in the year 2001. The Department was created out of the erstwhile Department of management studies. At that time, some public administration courses were taught as part of the management studies curriculum. 

The first batch of the graduates of the programme passed out in the year 2003/2004 academic session. Then, a 2-year, master's of public administration programme was introduced in the year 2008/2009 academic session.

The philosophical concept of this programme is to develop well-trained administrative officers who are creative, efficient, versatile, and could provide effective leadership in the administration of governmental and non-governmental organizations locally and internationally.

The Programme is designed specifically to provide students with knowledge and expertise in public policy and administration to enhance their capacity in policy formulation and implementation. Also, to train administrative officers and other public officers with current decision-making and administrative techniques.

It also aims to produce competent administrators that can put theories into practice and make creative decisions as well as fit into different parts of the public service.  Likewise, provide well-packaged public administration training which would ensure that target beneficiaries are public-spirited, efficient, and also conversant with the core values of public service. 

The department offers a 4-year programme leading to BSc. honours degree in public administration. The programme is designed to provide thorough training in the theory, principles, and practice of public administration. 

It also covers various aspects of the field including administrative theories, development administration, public personnel administration, public policy analysis, public finance, public sector management, and government administration. The public administration students are sufficiently prepared for either immediate employment or Postgraduate studies.

In all, a big congratulations to all the successful candidates, who secured admission into this prestigious and most peaceful University in Nigeria (Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, Sokoto State). I wish you a happy and prosperous stay at the university.

_Biliaminu Manne is a final year student of Public Administration, a Campus Journalist, and the Online Editor and Social Manager of Gamji Press, UDUS.

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