World Radiography Day 2023: UNIOSUN Radiography Students Celebrate with Grand Enthusiasm

By Victor Oyewole

On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, the students of Radiography at UNIOSUN came together to commemorate World Radiography Day 2023 under the theme "Celebrating Patient Safety." The day's events commenced with a visit to Ataoja School of Science in Ă’sogbo, Osun State, where the secondary school students were given valuable insights into the world of radiography and its modern medical applications.

Representing UNIOSUN's Radiography department, Akinsola Ayomidotun (Ayomisola), who is a fellow student, shared his knowledge with the young audience, elaborating on the diverse fields within radiography and their respective practical applications. He delved into the topic of radiation, which is at the heart of radiography, debunking myths and elucidating the truths about radiation. Ayomisola emphasized the evolving practices in medical radiography that prioritize patient safety, ensuring that individuals receiving care in a hospital, supervised by a radiographer or a team of radiographers, are safeguarded from radiation risks.

Ayomisola reassured the students of the stringent protocols in place to protect patients, elaborating on the minimal exposure time to radiation when undergoing radiography procedures, striking a balance between obtaining high-quality diagnostic images and preserving the patient's well-being. To help the students grasp the essence of radiography, he presented radiographs as visual aids, providing a deeper understanding of the profession.

Concluding his presentation, Ayomisola underscored the pivotal role of medical radiography in modern medicine, emphasizing how it grants access to crucial images of the body's internal organs, and he touched on the various radiation protection methods employed in radiography.

Following the enlightening school outreach, UNIOSUN radiography students proceeded to Olaiya junction in Osogbo for a public rally. During the march, they informed the public about the significance of radiography in the medical field and assured the community that patient safety is paramount and guaranteed when visiting a hospital for radiography examinations.

The day's festivities culminated with a lively get-together at the Engineering Hall, Osun State University's main campus, bringing together students and supporters of radiography to celebrate their commitment to patient safety and the valuable role they play in modern healthcare. The president of NARS UNIOSUN local chapter, Hope Anucha, thanked the students for their enthusiasm and energy to make the event a success.

Adekunle Famuyiwa

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